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Wtb 91 emerald green lx auto

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I'm looking to buy the same car that I totaled before.  Low mileage and excellent condition is a must, as are factory 5.0 auto lx in emerald green. 

Thanks for looking!

666 the Legend:
Hey .." JITSTOCK".......!! You own that CAR in your SIG..??

i do, why, can you turn it in to a 91 lx?  :o (don't)

Are you looking to sell it?

Everything is for sale for the right price, but no, I wasn't actively looking to sell it.  I've only put 600 miles on it.  I'd rather recommend an interested buyer to just buy one new from the same dealer/builder I used.

In all honesty, if someone did offer me the right number, I would just have the same one built and wait the year to get it on the road (or less if the body/color was available).


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